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So who is NB VanYoos, really? I am just an average, hardworking, mountain biking, cooking, golfing, parenting, teaching, orchid collecting, camping, hiking, XBox playing, gardening, blogging, paperback writing, run-of-the-mill, renaissance man. What? You were expecting something else?

Some might think I am bi-polar or suffer from ADHD, but I rather think I just like to suck the marrow from the bone of life. Yuck! I never really liked that metaphor. At any rate, I really love variety in my life, and the Rocky Mountains provide that canvas upon which I can paint my story. Note: above picture in Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful!


I originally started in the Midwest, but I felt my ambitions needed something more than the flatlands. After leaving that region through joining the Army, I traveled to Europe for a couple years before landing in Colorado as a fluke. The Army sent me here, and the irony is I wanted to be here!

At mostly the Army’s expense, I attended the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, majoring in Electrical Engineering until I discovered I was better at software than hardware. I switched into Computer Science and loved it, even competing in the regional programming contest representing UCCS. We didn’t win:-(

The Comptroller

The Comptroller

After graduation, I started my Masters degree while working for MCI Telecommunications in the Electronic Mail group. I worked for several years on the first commercial email system fondly called, MCI Mail. During this time, I married the Comptroller and moved up the corporate ladder, while writing thousands of lines of code coupled with thousands of lines of documentation. Ah, technical writing, nothing more boring!

This continued for several more years before something called HTML came to the Internet. You know, Vice President Al Gore invented the Internet:-) I worked on a commercial product that allowed MCI to host email systems for customers who would manage it through a Web interface. What a concept! It didn’t sell and the group/product was disbanded. We were too far ahead of our time.


Just before MCI (#2 phone company) was purchased by Worldcom (#6 phone company), I left for greener pastures in the Seattle area. Yes, I worked for Microsoft at the mother ship. It was an experience. It turns out, if you get a lot of really smart people together in a room, they turn really stupid. It goes along with the saying, ‘none of us is as stupid as all of us’. Go figure!

The Northwest is beautiful, but I prefer sunshine to rain, so back we moved to Colorado where I entered graduate school to become a teacher. At this time, I picked up my stalled writing and began to seriously pursue it as a “hobby”. By the time I had graduated and started teaching, I had published my first novel titled, Onyalum Retribution. Yeah, everyone hates the word Onyalum, but I put too much effort into it to switch it now!

Empress Erika

Empress Erika

The first book, while a great story, still wasn’t polished to commercial quality and has since been re-published as Admiral’s Ghost. Much better quality with the same great story! It is currently available as a free eBook, so check it out. I continued writing, completing book two and three in the series while creating two wonderful children and honing my teaching skills. Whew! I am kind of tired.

Tori the Terrible

Tori the Terrible

We live in suburban Colorado Springs where we participate in the exciting activities of home ownership like mowing the grass, putting up and down X-Mas lights, paying bills, weeding, home maintenance, and weekly journeys to Hel-Mart…uh, I mean Wal-Mart. Yes, life is wonderful, but still sucks away all the time for the fun things in life, like writing.


I Kindle, but rarely in public, and I even bought the recent 2.0 version. I love this thing, even if the output reminds me of my original Atari. I put a great skin on it, so now I pretend it is as nice as an iPhone. Let’s face it, I have a book addiction problem. If I am not reading them, I am writing them. Yes, I have published my three novels on the Kindle as well.

So, where does that bring us? Up to date, I think. So, where do I go from here? I hope to finish all seven books in the Onyalum Series, create an Urban Fantasy series, and sell several screenplays, all while blogging my heart out. This blog, and the accompanying book, or is it the other way around, should be updated regularly with newer information to help you be smarter and more efficient. Meanwhile, if you live in the Colorado area, feel free to drop by Author Fest of the Rockies as I am usually presenting information from my book there.

Well, enjoy the blog and drop me some feedback at I don’t mind spam:-) If you want to keep up to date on my writing ventures, check me out on Facebook where I update my wall about various writing activities I am doing or completing.

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