Why Can’t I Get Anything Done? is a blog that accompanies the book of the same name (see sidebar widget). The purpose is to provide aspiring authors with information on how to take control of their own destiny and avoid many of the pitfalls I fell for.

Writing, like so many things in life, must be a passion if the author is to be successful. After all, if you didn’t like it, why do it? However, the clear fact is life takes us away from our passions as we attempt to survive the American jungle we call home. Okay, if you are overseas, then you have your own jungle to contend with. Be that as it may, we all want to write and we all want to be successful. But how?

Many books I have read, that I don’t recommend you read, tell us that the first step to being a good writer is to be a good reader. I agree with this in principle. I mean, we all need to know what has been written so we don’t accidentally duplicate it. However, if you find you are a better reader than a writer, then perhaps you should pursue a different passion. Writing is the mantra, and we all must find the time or forever ask the question, ‘What could I have been?’.

I am always finding ways to get my writing done despite the constant pressures that life throws at me. I am willing and able to share these insights with you as you pursue your writing passion. If you want a traditional approach to publishing, then this blog is not for you. This blog is for the true Do It Yourselfer who likes to control their own destiny, not the destiny of someone in New York City with a deadline and profit margin to worry about.

I don’t have all the answers, but I certainly have some of them. I am efficient at what I do, and I am the greatest supporter of new technology while being its greatest detractor. After all, if doesn’t really help, why use it. Save your money until you have read about it here. Only then will you know whether the investment in time and money was worth it.

If you are a DYI author, then this blog is for you. I’ll share tidbits of sage advice that will help you develop your great American novel, or European, or Asian, oh, you get the idea! I’ll discuss basic time management, the mechanics of book construction, the ever-dreaded editing, and the publishing of your work. I’ll also talk about marketing and how to use the Internet to your advantage. From paperback to eBook, to blog, I’ve done it all. I hope you will choose to do these things as well. After all, the world is a stage and everyone needs a script:-)

Sit back, relax, and subscribe to the RSS feed as I share my wisdom and anecdotal stories about why I can’t get anything done. It will be entertaining, informative, and hopefully inspirational. The blog will be updated monthly, sometimes more often, if I can get anything done! We all have dreams inside us, let me help you pursue yours!

NB VanYoos


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