So Long For A While…

My family situation necessitates I step back from some of my writing for a while. Unfortunately, the first victim is this blog. This will be an indefinite hiatus where I will focus most of my energy on my fictional Onyalum Series.

However, I am not deleting this blog in the hopes that future editions of my book will once again require me to assist others in pursuing their publishing dreams, assuming my family situation changes for the better.

For anyone who has experienced cancer or knows someone who has, then you’ll understand why I must step back. I love this blog because it provides me an outlet for another side of my writing voice, one that is more whimsical and fun. It also fits well with my day job, teaching. I love helping others unlock the potential inside themselves whether it is in mathematics or writing.

My final words of wisdom are a warning that the publishing industry is going through major changes as the eBook market begins to erode the traditional book market. Fear not for this will be an opportunity for you, the writer. Pay attention to the trends, keep on writing, and always keep your Appointment To Write! In fact, I am writing this during my appointment.

To show my appreciation for my fans, I will be dropping the price of my eBook to $2.99 through Kindle. Future editions are on my Task List, but the dates have been drastically moved into the future. Still, everything I have offered up till now still applies to all who want to pursue their dream of writing. Never give up your dreams, life is far too short.

Wish me well and please visit my Science Fiction blog, Onyalum Wars, to enjoy the short stories I post as a lead up to book six in my series. I sincerely hope to revisit this blog in the future, but that future is still unknown.

Goodbye for now, but hopefully not forever!

NB VanYoos


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