Let the writing begin!


Clickety-click clickety-click clickety-click…


Oh, boy…now what?

“Yes, honey!”

“Tori keeps taking my pictures!”

Sigh…here we go…

Tori the terrible.

Tori the terrible.

Welcome to the new blog titled “Why Can’t I Get Anything Done?”. This blog is the logical follow on to the book of the same name and will contain similar material as presented in the book. Of course, the book will always have the most detailed information, but sometimes the blog will present something new that will make it into a subsequent edition of the book.

So what is the blog about, you might ask? Simple, it is a collection of tips and techniques to make you more efficient in your writing and in your publishing. Now, don’t start thinking this will give you tried and true techniques that will land you a big publisher contract, because there are plenty of trade magazines that will do that. No, this is for the DIY author who loves controlling their own work from start to finish.

So, who am I to tell you how things should be done? Well, I have been in the military, worked as an engineer in the high-tech fields, and currently teach mathematics in a local high school. How does that qualify me? First, I have developed easy processes that help bring sanity to an insane world, and second, I love to tinker with technology, so I play with it first and then bring it to you. You could say I am an efficiency expert with a slant towards technology.

Along the way to helping you achieve your publishing dreams, I will entertain with short vignettes of anecdotal stories about why I can’t get anything done. You may relate to this yourself, assuming you don’t live alone and do nothing but write. My life is very full, and while I love it dearly, it easily takes me away from my passion, writing.

Between my lovely wife, our house, my job, our dog, our two kids, my orchids, my mountain bike, my golf clubs, my friends, and my XBox, I always have plenty to distract me. My fabulous daughters, Empress Erika and Tori the Terrible, are a constant source of distractions except when napping. My wife, very understanding about my “hobby”, has her own ways of distracting me, some of them I don’t mind so much. They are a magical part of my life, and despite the distractions, they are an inspiration for my work.

Oh, did I also mention I write novels? Three published to date, the fourth struggling to get traction (I’ve been busy)! Okay, yes, I need to take my own advice, but I’m working on it. They are part of a Science Fiction series which I hope to follow up next year with an Urban Fantasy series. Hey, maybe the train has left the station, but I am sure I can still hitch a ride!

So sit back, relax, subscribe to the RSS feed, and prepare for entertaining DIY information to help you pursue your publishing dreams. I’ll try to update the blog monthly, but sometimes life will get in the way of even that. However, for most of the year, it should be regular as clockwork (see picture at top to understand pun). Since I teach for a living, yes, writing hasn’t been profitable enough, I do get summers off so I may throw out an extra blog or two during those months. Keep tuned in and keep writing, no matter what!

Can’t wait for the blog? Well, you could always buy the book first and see what you think! Either way, if you want to publish your work without others to get in the way, then find out why you can’t get anything done and learn how to work around life to fulfill your publishing dreams!


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